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Drain Clearance

“Probably the best invention since sliced bread”! No need to use those old wooden drain rods. High pressure water jetting can clear 95% of all blockages quickly and cleanly. Not only clearing blockage, but cleans the drain out at the same time, thus preventing future blockages. FACT

We have lost count over the years that ‘plumbers’ or ‘handymen’ have been rodding blocked drains, even in some cases , dug up the pipes for days, in some cases a full week. We have gone along and within 15 minutes have cleared the blockage.

One plumber, on seeing this, threw his drain rods in the customers bin and said “I’m never going to use these rods again after seeing you clear that “

High Pressure Water Jet

High Pressure Water Jetting

How does it work?

We carry approximately 130 gallons/500 litres of water in tanks.

This is our reservoir, which is then compressed by a 50 horsepower Perkins engine, down the ‘jetting hose’, on the end of which various different jetting nozzles can be fit for different applications. Some even spin round.

In simple terms, the jets point backwards, thus propelling the nozzle and hose down the pipe until it reaches the blockage and at that point the blockage will be liquidated and flow away. Unlike stiff drain rods, high pressure water hose is very flexible and with a little persuasion can be made to bend and go round any bend, including ‘u’ bends and soil stack rest 90 degree bends. So no need to dig up and expose pipes if you don’t have a manhole, thus saving time and money.