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CCTV Camera Inspection

As we now live in a digital age, with high quality digital cameras and even video cameras on our mobile phones, it is easy to forget that 20 years ago these items did not exist and if they did they were very expensive. The same can be said for drain cameras (or CCTV cameras). Things have moved on and our company has owned cameras now for above 15 years.


The camera is a useful tool, in the way you can see inside the drain. An experienced operative can diagnose the problem or a cause of problems.

CCTV Camera Inspection


Examples of problems

Displaced joints, broken/cracked pipes, poor fall/negative fall or drain holding, tree roots, location of junction/connection or hidden manhole, illegal connections, rodent problems and smell issues.

What we can for you

Provided the drain is reasonably clear and not blocked, we can run the camera down pipe (via a manhole or soil stack), to identify any defects or concerns. As our camera has a built-in probe, we can then locate and mark the point on the ground and give an accurate depth with our locater of any defects observed.

We can record via CD, DVD, Video or still photo that we can email.

We will give you an unbiased honest verbal report, a written report can be obtained at an additional cost i.e. for insurance purposes.